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Who is Digital Unity Group?

The name is a little misleading, so to clear things up, Digital Unity Group (DUG) isn't really a group. Hi, I'm Chad, aka "Dug", a nickname from High School, which I repurposed for my business name ... and when it came to the G, well, Group sounded better than Guy.

Digital Unity Group is my freelance business. I started freelancing right out of college and mostly focused on design. While designing websites, I quickly learned that companies needed them developed also, so I began to dabble and realized I like coding much better. For the past 6 years I have been working full-time as a front-end developer for a large marketing agency developing Fortune 1000 company's online marketing deliverables. This experience has made me realize there are many companies out there that need additional development services that would benefit from my development skills, so here I am.

Please note, being that I work full-time and therefore my freelance services are offered in my free-time ... I will do my best to provide quick responses, make myself available when required and will always hit planned deadlines.

If this works for your needs, please continue your journey.


To provide professional development skills to companies looking to outsource, and in doing so, build strong, lasting relationships.

With development things move much quicker when I become familiar with a company and it's brand and they become more familiar with working with me.

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What I Can Do For You

Simply put ... I take your design file and covert it to code.

Development Services

Includes coding, responsiveness, cross-browser, functionality and testing.

Email Development
Landing Page Development
Website Development

Email Template Development
Landing Page Template Development

Automation Platforms

I am familiar with developing for many different automation platforms, including:


I you don't see your platform listed, still reach out. The HTML is always the same, platform specific code is all that changes.

Other Services

I prefer not to design, but can. If you require tweaks, minor edits, etc., I can update if source files are provided.

Consulting & Troubleshooting
Want to know what problems you might face with your design, or wondering why your landing page or email isn't displaying correctly? In the world of development there are many forces working against us, knowing what to look (and/or plan) for can save you time and money.


Rate for services
"Quick-turn" rate*
Project Estimates

Emails: 6-8 hours
Landing Pages: 8-10 hours
Email Templates: 10+ hours
Landing Page Templates: 12+ hours

The estimates include development, testing and two rounds of QA review and editing with your team.

The estimated rates are entirely dependent upon the scope of work, automation platform, functionality required, page/email components, size/length, etc., but these are common averages for the many projects I have developed throughout the years. For a more accurate estimate of your project design files would need to be provided.

*Quick-turn or rushed rate will be billed for any requests that need to be implemented within a 48 hour period. Typically these requests are last minute projects, troubleshooting help, items missed during QA, last-minute changes or miscellaneous help.

Contact me below for a more accurate estimate on your project.

Project Portfolio

Here are a few examples of some coding projects.


(coming soon)

Landing Page

(coming soon)


(coming soon)

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