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How much does a website cost?

Update July 5, 2015

I am always asked this question and it’s a difficult one to answer with a ballpark dollar figure. There are several factors that need to be determined to come up with a cost for a website. These include things like functionality, design, imagery, content development, fonts, plug-ins, layout, features, responsiveness, and so many more.

Functionality includes things like contact forms, content management systems, e-commerce, database connectivity … and that is just a few.

Other than functionality there is the design, design can be simple and basic, utilizing available resources, all the way up to designing custom graphics.

Then there are other elements, things like content development, photos and imagery, number of pages,  where are the photos going to be obtained, hire a professional photographer or from stock photos, how many photos, how many pages, the list goes on an on.

As you can see their are a lot of elements involved in website design and development and therefore it is impossible for us to just give you a cost. I am happy to work with you to determine the requirements and scope for your website and develop a quote based on that. To get the process started, please use my contact page.

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